Mary Hill Davis Missions Offering

Offering taken up throughout the month of September.  Who is Mary HIll Davis? Understanding that missions is what believers do to reach beyond the needs of their congregations to witness and minister for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission, WMU of Texas designed the Mary Hill Davis Offering to advance Texas Baptist missionary efforts to help people come to know Christ. Therefore, it is the goal of WMU of Texas to strengthen and support Texas missions opportunities through the Baptist General Convention of Texas. The offering makes possible missions ventures and sustains them until appropriately assimilated into other financial channels.

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Food Pantry: (Anita Wiggins)

Assistant available to help with pick up from the food pantry is every Sunday after service noon- 1pm and Wednesday evening 7:30pm-8:30pm. Round Em Up Cowboy Church Food Pantry is open to both members and non-members near Wills Point. Our food pantry is need-based not income- based. All you have to do is complete a short form for record keeping purposes only. We would love for you to attend service while you're here!  If you are ever in need, feel free to stop by and contact almost any church member and they will guide you to someone who can assist you.  We do ask that you limit your visits to 2 times a month if possible.

The food pantry is in constant need of supplies to stay open. Please leave your donations in the church with a Food Pantry assitant on duty or by the food pantry display. Thank you for everything!

Below are some items that are in high demand:

•Meats- Frozen or canned. We have been blessed with a huge freezer to hold items for the food pantry. Let's fill it up!

•Condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayo, salad dressing


•Laundry detergent

•Bread such as hot dog buns, hamburger buns, tortillias, sandwhich bread

•Hot dogs

•Lunch meat

•Vegetables- Frozen or canned. If fresh from the garden, bring Sunday mornings.

•Chili •Fruit- If fresh, please bring on Sunday mornings.

•Milk- powdered or canned. Please do not bring fresh milk because we do not have enough refrigerator space.

•Snack foods such as pudding, jello, granola bars


•Any other non-perishable groceries.