History of Round 'Em Up Cowboy Church

The beginning goes back to early 2005 and begins with Dr. Jim Gatliff, a Godly man of great vision. Dr. Gatliff approached me and asked if I would consider starting a Cowboy Church and my reply was “no”. I was pastoring a church I had only been at for five years and told him that God was doing a great work here and there was lots of unfinished business still at hand. Dr. Gatliff continued every few months to ask me if I would consider starting a cowboy church but my answer was still the same. One day, my brother Isaac suggested to me that I might be closing a door that God was placing before me. So around March 2006 I answered Dr. Gatliff with “I will pray and seek God’s will”. In my prayers, I asked God to not only confirm to me but also to my wife Suzan. In the meantime Dr. Gatliff and I would drive the countryside looking and praying over different areas to plant a Cowboy Church. In May 2006, God confirmed to us that we were to plant a Cowboy Church. Dr. Gatliff asked where I thought God wanted it and I replied, “Wills Point”. I feel stronger about this city than any other place we visited and prayed over. So, I gave a 30-day notice of resignation to Shady Grove Baptist Church in Greenville, TX. In June 2006 we held our first meeting at the Community Center in Wills Point. On the fourth week we named the church, “Round’Em Up Cowboy Church”. From the scripture Mathew 28:19 Therefore go (Round’Em Up) and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. NIV

We are Round’Em Up Cowboy Church, a body of baptized believers saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. “Everything got started in Him and finds purpose in Him”. Col. 1:16

Cowboy Up for Christ,

Pastor Benny